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Mr.Kaweephong Hirankasi
Group Leader of the 1st batch student Deputy Director of Finance Department Metropolitan Electricity Division
The program provides plenty of tools and techniques of creativity to enhance future performance in the field of business.The MBA international Program will provide a valuable learning experience for students involved and will enhance the working lives of participants as professionals.

Mr. Nipon Amorntheparaksa
Manager Banpu Public Co.,Ltd.
Since I started studying at the MBA International program, people have often asked me about the quality and potential of the program. I would tell them that this program is good enough to provide you support for a better career.The reasons are simple. First of all, you would gradually gain knowledge of management concepts from visiting professors. They would help encourage and drive you to share your knowledge, experience, and skills with your classmates.Finally, I would say that any MBA is not a perfect key for your career, but I strongly believe hat this program provided me with better perspectives of management.

Ms. Chantrarat Boonfahprathan
Senior Staff Andersen Legal & Tax Ltd.
The valuable aspects of the program were the discussions on real world situations and sharing experience with fellow students. We also enjoyed the small class size and friendly learning environment.The course has continuously trained us to think globally and act locally.

Mr. Thanit Thareratanavibool
Chief Executive Officer Kilpatrick Green Pty.Ltd. and Electrical Projects Co.,Ltd. Executive Director Asian Insulator Co.,Ltd.
Excellent course work. Qualified international professors. Great experience.

Mr. Thitiwat Narksompop
Executive Assistant Manager Yang Ma Sports Tech Co.,Ltd
I had a great time studying in the MBA International Program. I gained more managerial skills and modern business administration concepts from all international visiting professors.At the same time, I could work for my family business and have more quality time with my family.

Mr. Kraiwit Bhumsuko
Movie Star Managing Director Krittakarn Creation Co.,Ltd.
During the economic crisis going abroad for a Master Degree is very costly. I chose the MBA International Program because the quality is equivalent as going abroad.Not only does the program provide the finest professors in each area from Europe and the USA, but it is also cheaper.So. I made the right decision to study here. If you are looking for a qualified MBA, I definitely suggest this program for your consideration.

Mr. Vanchai Chavanichkul
General Manager Suvan Air Services Co.,Ltd.
Since I joined the MBA International program I have gain more knowledge and understanding in business administration.The MBA International program gave me a chance to meet people, make new friends that are involved with multinational companies.With highly experienced professors from leading universities, I gained broad understanding in both business and academic skills.

Mr. Roengchai Sunantakarnkij
Technical Consultant Hewlett-Packard (Thailand) Ltd.
In this rapid changing environment, whoever can acquire more knowledge and use it effectively will have competitive advantage over others. Kasetsart University MBA International Program provided me with such advantages.Distinguished professors from around the world provided us with the knowledge that will equipped us to face this competitive world.


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